What’s Post-Post: Out with the Modern, In with the “In” Crowd

DRAWING LINES OF FLIGHT OFF of my previous article on the new artistic horizon Integrationism, I provide below a list of words beginning with ‘in‘ which might hint at the artistic territory we are currently shifting in to:

integrative / intuitive / informed / ingenious / intelligent / inspired / insightful / influential / instrumental / inherent / intrinsic / inclusive / inventive / infective / injective / inquiring / interbred / interzone / indignant / incorrupt / indecent / inundating / inward / invest / invoke / insane / initiatory / incubate / insomnia / inflictive / inflammatory / intense / intrusive / inweaving / incarnate / inceptive / insidious / instill / interrupt / incognito / interpersonal / integrity / internal / indelible / indigenous / inside / individual / interdependent

In this land where everything is ‘isomething’, ithink it’s time to step it up and get in with the in. Can you think of more words which begin with ‘in‘ that are relevant (And do not say ‘indie’). Words are for weaving meaning–mean what you say, say what you mean! And, as Skeleton Crew succinctly commanded: step across the border and “Think! Think!“.

SUGGESTED READING: Animalia (1986) by Graeme Base

The “I” page in the alliterative alphabet book Animalia by artist-writer Graeme Base

*                   *                  *

The year of numeral i.i.i.i.i.i. = (to) integrate intelligent information intuitively in ingenuity


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