Artist Spotlight

The upcoming ArtWalk Ventura, happening October 1st and 2nd, is doing a series of articles called Artist Spotlight,which features interviews by some of the artist participants. In my interview I talk about being an artist, my artistic processes, and the importance of local art happenings such as the ArtWalk.

The whole article can be read on the ArtWalk Artist Spotlight page

Here is a section from my article:

How did you come to be an artist? 

From the early age of three I began drawing interpretations of the world I was experiencing: plants, caterpillars, vegetables, sea creatures—things to this day which have retained my fascination and which I continue to depict in my work.  Throughout my life creating art (in visual, musical, and literary mediums) has been my favorite activity. Early on I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be an Artist (over other creative considerations, such as fashion or graphic designer), because as an Artist I can manifest my own visions in the form I see fit. There are no implemented constraints or demands—an Artist has free reign to decide how an idea, image, or inspiration will be made real.  This requires the utmost level creativity and discipline—no one tells you want to do. The journey on the Artist’s path allows for the highest potential for creative expression. Being an ‘Artist’ is never a finished gig—it is a constant process of growth and renewal. It is a way of life, a way of seeing things which I find fulfilling, and which others appreciate.

In your eyes, what does ArtWalk Ventura bring to the community? 

The ArtWalk is a welcoming opportunity for anyone and everyone to see current art and engage with working local artists. It provides a venue for local artists to share and sell their work, and also interact with the public in a free environment. This will undoubtedly encourage the growth of local artists who will contribute their work to the community. It puts Ventura on the map as a place where art is happening—a cultural focal point which brings people together for positive experiences.

Read the whole interview here!


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