Collector’s Reception (and why photography will never replace painting)

oil on canvas / 36
Woocoomb / oil on canvas / 36″ x 24″

Woocoomb will be featured at ArtWalk Ventura Collector’s Reception

Thursday, Sept. 29th from 6:30-9:00 PM the City of Ventura will host the ArtWalk Collector’s Reception for a preview of juried works by 2016 ArtWalk featured artists. This ticketed special preview event will provide art patrons and artists an opportunity to reserve works for purchase in advance of the 2-day ArtWalk. Hosted in the beautiful and historic City Hall, located at 501 Poli Street, selected works will be displayed in addition to over 90 works from the permanent Municipal Art Collection. The event will begin with the Mayor honoring the 2016 ArtWalk Ventura Artist of Distinction at 6:30pm, and a reading by Ventura County Poet Laureate Phil Taggart, followed by a musical performance by members from the Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra, Bowl Hop preview sale, hors d’ouevres and no-host cocktail bar.

Get your tickets here!


About Woocoomb:

I painted Woocoomb in August of 2009 after a experiencing a vivid, near-lucid dream in which I encountered a giant, suspended cocoon covered in several man-sized, bright green bugs. As I approached the anomaly, the bugs hazily morphed into peacocks. Determined to capture the reality of the scene, I took out my camera and attempted to take photos of it. When I awoke, I had neither camera nor photos; I thus resorted to painting the image from my mind, rendering it in the high-contrast detail and color I experienced. The title Woocoomb is a portmanteau of ‘womb’ and ‘cocoon’.

This is why photography will never replace painting.

Can’t make it to the Collector’s Reception? Woocoomb will be on display at my booth for ArtWalk Ventura. Come by between 11-7 on Saturday October 1st and noon-5 on Sunday October 2nd to see it plus other original works, prints, posters, photography, books, postcards, and yours truly.


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